Customer Service

You can expect the highest level of customer service. Know that each and every single one of my clients receive the best of customer service. I handle a lot of questions and concerns day-to-day but eventually get through every single one of them. I never leave anyone hanging, and have everyone's back in the Alure Family. I don't stop until my family is 100% satisfied.


Great question! One of the reasons you came to our website was you loved something you seen. It may have been because you've never seen anything like it. This is actually one of our missions, we search the world for some of the best and unique textile manufacturers looking for the cutest and most memorable items we can produce. The downside to this is increased shipping times, and holds at customs.

Also, this varies from product to product as our hand-made products are made on purchase and therefore take longer to prepare, increasing overall shipping time. One thing we can promise you, is that it is well worth the wait!

Yes there are. You may have noticed that some of our items are shipped from directly within the United States with very quick express shipping times. We plan on expanding the range of items as we continue to grow. Unfortunately, as of right now we do not have the warehouse capacity for all of our products. But keep on the look out as we continue to grow.


In short, this is because of costs and cost reduction strategies. With paid advertising the costs to acquire a customer varies. With that in order for us to offer our clients the best possible prices on our products we hope that each individual client spends as much as possible to offset costs. Which is why we reward customers who spend more with larger discounts.

It depends on the product. We often state which products are customizable on each individual product page. We do however pride ourselves in exceptional customer service, so if your interested in a particular personalization on any one product, it never hurts to ask!


First of all, I hate hearing this! and I am sorry this has happened to you many times. If it hasn't, thank goodness. Regardless, one promise I can make, is that I source the best manufacturers I can find across the world, sometimes, yes, this means higher prices. But I won't cut corners here, not on your little loved one's clothing.

You can be sure that the clothing you are receiving is of the highest quality, certified and from tradeshow manufacturers. Sometimes this hurts my company as people turn to cheaper alternatives, but I hope that it results in stronger support from my clients. Also, worth noting if on the off chance you do receive something that is not to your liking, I take this very seriously, will resolve it on your end and ensure that it never happens again.

Refunds & Returns

All it takes is a valid reason, or honesty. I go through any refund/return request with an open mind, as long as there is a legitimate reason to request the refund/return you can be sure it will be granted immediately.


We take this extremely seriously:

Safeguarding your personal information is of utmost importance to us, This is why we use SSL technology, never store your credit card information, and follow Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). We guarantee all our customers & their information are secure at all times.

You will also find that our website is certified, a Google trusted store, and continuously scanned, secured by Norton.