Alure Baby Collections online shopping Boutique is a small Business operating with a passion and creativity for fashion.  As my children grew up I realized how I miss dressing up babies, my longing to fulfill that space in my life, has sparked a new Fire in me!  

 The founder of Alure Baby Collections, Paula Alure. Has been a successful Entrepreneur for a small Family Business in Edmonton Alberta, catering to the oil industry for the past 17 years. Paula decided it is time to begin a new chapter in her life.


Paula is a true example of how a woman could do it all. A successful Businesswoman, a Wife a Mother, an Auntie and a dreamer.   Alure Baby Collections is a dream come true for me, as it inspires my creativity and my love for fashion and Design, creating is a passion that I will forever embrace in Myself and my children Lives.

Alure Baby Collections is committed to providing a fashion statement “Growing up in style!” It is my prerogative, to ensure positive feed, for excellent quality Products and adorable children’s clothing lines & accessories ensuring that our customers have the most satisfactory customer service. Every single item found on our site is carefully examined by Paula before shipment, to ensure your purchase is loved by both Alure Baby Collections and your families.


I have been so blessed and inspired to have the support, and the love of my Family and Friends that believe in me to succeed with this new chapter of my life. I Want the Mothers, Fathers and family of Alure Collections, to trust and believe that I will ensure delivery of top quality Products and ensure that you have the best prices out there as if I was catering to my own family.

With this said, I would like to take a moment to welcome and Thank you in advance for choosing Alure Baby Collections, to be a part of your memorable years of “Growing up in style” with the ones you Love.


A dream can become a reality with commitment, hard work along the sides of ones who Love you, nothing can stop you!