Infant Shoes

Infant Shoes

Ages 2 months to 1 years old

Infant Shoes

Infant Shoes

Ages 2 months to 1 years old

Glitter Dime Shoe- Baby Bling Shoe-Infant High top Shoe - Infant Booties-Alure Baby Collections

Glitter Dime Shoe

$31.97 USD
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Button Fur Booties - For newborns to toddlers - Cozy, soft, & warm - Alure Baby Collections by Paula Alure

Button Cute Boots

$19.97 USD $26.97 USD
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Little Geo Runner- Baby First Walker Runner- Pattern Runner- Alure Baby Collections

Little Geo Runner

$16.97 USD $29.97 USD
Ribbon Infant Shoe- First walkers- Dressy Girl's Shoes- Ribbon Knot  -Alure Baby Collections

Ribbon Shoe

$15.97 USD
Shine Shoe Set- Baby Crib Dress Shoes-Alure Baby Collections

Shine Shoe Set

$15.97 USD
Sold Out
Pearl Mania Shoe- Baptism Baby Shoes- Unique Pearl bow knot shoe- Alure Baby Collections

Pearl Mania Shoe

$35.97 USD
Pearl Jam Shoe

Pearl Jam Shoe

$32.97 USD
Arabella Runners- Baby Infant Bling Shoes- Baby Pearl Rhinestone Shoes-Alure Baby Collections

Arabella Runners

$34.97 USD
Moccabella Boots- Baby Infant Moccasins-Baby Infant shoe Socks-Alure Baby Collections

Moccabella Boots

$20.97 USD
Rev Shoe Set- Baby Girls Dressy Velvet Shoe Set-Shoes and matching Headband-Alure Baby Collections

Rev Shoe Set

$14.97 USD
Baby Boo Runners

Baby Boo Runners

$17.97 USD
Grace Runners- Baby Infant Bling Shoes-Infant Shoes- Baby Infant High Top Booties-Alure Baby Collections

Grace Runners

$25.97 USD
Bow-Dream Boots- Baby Infant Bow knot boots- Infant snow boots-Alure Baby Collections

Bow-Dream Boots

$19.97 USD