The History of Valentines Day

What if I were to tell you that the first Valentines Day was in the "year 496"! (BBC News, 2017). Named after St Valentine for his fight against the injustice of the, "ban against young couples marrying" (History, 2009) the celebration originally consisted of boys drawing a girls name from a box. Whoever they were matched with, they would act like boyfriend and girlfriend for the remainder of the day, which seems to have manifested into love letters, chocolate, and flowers over the centuries. 

I think that violence and our insecurities over the years, has created a society where we fear other men/women before getting to know them. But, imagine the playfulness of getting to pretend to be a couple, or really a team for a day. It's no secret that we as individuals crave and have a constant desire to socialize. I can only imagine the silliness, laughs, and just overall love shared amongst people when forced into such a silly scenario. In fact, many people ended up falling in love at one point or another over this yearly celebration.

I bring up the above as I believe that Valentines Day has lost its 'romanticism' over the years, well, at least in my circle. Maybe its time we remember the overall playfulness of the history of such a day. This Valentine's day lets dress more playful and stock up on some new reds, and pinks for ours and our children's wardrobes.

Let's buy a box of chocolates, and get our loved ones some stunning flowers.

Let's write a letter to people we secretly like, cause why not?

Let's pick a name from a box and be a couple for day cause, well love and St Valentine of course. 

In light of playfulness this Valentines Day, anything that you LOVE is 'in', who cares what others think, if you, your husband, your daughter, or your son love it, then you know its styling. We have some great clothing coming for your babies for this special day, so keep checking in to see if it made it into our 'New Arrivals' as of yet. We have been giving sneak peeks in our Google Posts, and Instagram so if you're not following us yet, you should. :P

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