Happy Holidays!

Hey Alure Family!

Joy, laughter, baking, family, friends, giving, light, reindeer, carols, smiles, and love. What a joyous time of year. Our team at Alure Baby Collections would like to wish you and your loved ones, Happy Holidays!

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Brr! It's Getting Cold Outside ❄️

Hey mommy's and daddy's! 

It's getting cold out and we wanted to share some information on the importance of both keeping your little ones warm, but of also playing outside during these cold winter months. 

We cover factual information from reliable sources, on what you should be focusing on in terms of your newborns, infants, and toddlers winter outfits.

But, even more importantly all this is more prevalent then ever as the Covid-19 pandemic is now a part of our everyday lives and can affect our baby's development for years to come. Keeping a strong immune system is key. This starts with dressing warm, but also by playing outdoors.

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