How to Celebrate Your Little One's First Valentine's Day

It's your babies first valentine's day. Your silently panicking and wondering:

What do you do?

How do you make it memorable?


Well, we've got some suggestions and hopefully we can make your little one's day that much more special. If you'll be our Valentine this Valentine's day, we may have a gift for you at the bottom of this blog so keep your eyes peeled.

Have a photo shoot

Baby: Be my Valentine's Day this 2019 - Photo Shoot - Blog

You don't have to go hire a photographer, however, I'm not saying that is a bad idea either. Regardless, today's phones are all you need. They come jam-packed with intelligent software, and hardware to help you capture that perfect shot. We've highlighted some great tips & tricks you can utilize. Which will leave you shocked at the photo's your capable of taking of your baby('s) and family.

(Read More: The following tips are from Source(1). You can read more about each individual tip by clicking (Source)).

  1. "Use grid-lines to balance your shot"

  2. "Set your camera's focus"

  3. "Focus on one subject"

  4. "Embrace negative space"

  5. "Look for symmetry"

  6. "Avoid zooming in"

  7. "Use natural light."

  8. "Clean your phone's lens"

Once you are ready to take some gorgeous shots, it is time to form a little set-up:

  • Grab the cutest blanket or fur carpet you own and set it as the background or floor piece.
  • Dress up your little cutie in red or pink clothes.
  • Add some props, like a teddy bear to the shot.

And BAM, you'll be well on your way to taking some pretty spectacular photos of your newborn(s), toddler(s), or children.

Go out for a date

Depending on where you live, just go out and have some fun with the family. Go to the beach, dress up in some red or pink beachwear; Walk to the park, wear some overalls with a red or pink shirt (too cute); Learn to ice skate, wear a cozy and warm snowsuit. The possibilities are endless! Like a nice dinner, could be great for hubby too.

*Of course take advantage of your phone, whip it out and take some great pictures. It may not seem enticing at first, but when your little one grows and flourishes, these are memories you will cherish forever.

Not your style?

No problem! Kick back at home, take some cute pictures with that phone so you can cherish this day and its memories forever.

On the topic of "forever", you could take your little one to have their precious little hands or feet imprinted for keepsakes too. There are many kits you can find and purchase to do so, there are even ones that can be used as stepping stones outside your house. Too cute, we know.

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine's Day 2019, make sure its filled with love, smiles, and laughter cause with that, you can't go wrong, so don't panic.  



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