Happy Holidays!

Hey Alure Family!

Joy, laughter, baking, family, friends, giving, lights, reindeers, carols, smiles, and love. What a joyous time of year. Our team at Alure Baby Collections would like to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas!

The Holidays fills our hearts with love and joy as we spend time with the most important people in our lives. We find love in giving rather than receiving and remove ourselves from the craziness of life. We would like everyone to take this time to cherish the final moments of 2020 and remember all the good that came your way this year, and forget the bad. Lets move on together, and give way for the better times ahead.  It can be so easy to grasp onto the negatives in our lives and allow this toxicity to overtake every aspect of our lives. But, this does not mean that the challenges we faced this year are all bad. In fact these are the pillars of what makes you, well... you. These obstacles only make us stronger, and more beautiful both inside and out. So next time your tunnel visioned on everything that went wrong, remember YOU came out better from it. More importantly make that extra effort in 2021 to really cherish the good moments too! cause it can be far to easy to let the best moments float away. In fact that is why Christmas is so special in my eyes; It slows us down, and allows us to really fill our hearts with joy. It teaches us that giving can feel better than receiving,  opens up our spirits to welcome new memories, and ultimately prepares us to tackle the new year.


Fun fact!

Our brains do in fact focus on negative outcomes for an extended period of time in comparison to positive moments. Physiologists believe this is an evolutionary trait to, "keep us out of harms way" (Hara Estroff Marano, 2013). This principle is known as the Negative Bias  and in other words is how we live and learn how to avoid unpleasant moments.

*Reference: https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/articles/200306/our-brains-negative-bias


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