Brr! It's Getting Cold Outside ❄️

     It's that time of year again: the temperature is dropping, the air is crispy & brisk, depending on where you live snow is covering all the landscape or the wind is out for vengeance with air so cold it makes you wish this painstaking pandemic could just come to an end, and you could book the next flight out to a beach somewhere scorching hot with ice cold margaritas. To some this brings pure joy as it means colorful lights fill the night sky, hours spent with family & friends, skating for hours, fires, hot chocolate & the most comfiest, warmest clothes that give you that big hug your body needs in these back chilling days. To others they'd like to just fast forward or even better move somewhere that stays hot year round.


Whether its wind or snow it's important stay warm for many reasons:


  1. Reduces your risk of getting sick by 10% (C. Johnson, R. Eccles)

            "When your feet are cold, blood vessels throughout the body tighten, making it difficult for white blood cells to travel to membranes in your nose or throat, [which is] where they're needed to fend off viruses." (G. Lichterman, 2020).

            "The immune system is depressed to some degree by cold weather which particularly affects the upper respiratory tract which cools down when cold air is breathed in. A cold nose gives cold and flu causing rhinoviruses more opportunities to reproduce, so you are more likely to catch a cold if one is around if the temperature is cold. In warmer temperatures, the immune system is more likely to intercept the viruses before they can result in an illness." (Coolantartica, N/A).


      2. Frost nip and frost bite (Standford Childrens Health)


"Children are more likely to get frostbite than adults. This is because they lose heat from their skin faster. A child is more at risk for frostbite and frostnip because of any of the below" (Standford, N/A).


Don't get get confused!


     Playing outside, especially in the cold winter months before Christmas holidays is absolutely essential for your babies, infants & toddlers. Not just your little one's but also for everyone: moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandma, and even grandpa! The important part is that we are all dressed warm and comfortable. As too tight of clothing can cut off circulation leading to a compromise of their immune system, or risk of frost bite as discussed. Children do require more layers and more care when it comes to their outdoor winter clothing as they lose more heat then adults. 


By playing outside in the cold wrapped warm, comfortable clothing helps your baby's autoimmune systems development, and better resistance to allergies. Studies show improvements in overall long term health. (A. Dodds, 2017)


     I believe that now more then ever we must stress the importance of dressing ourselves and our newborns, infants, and toddlers properly for the upcoming winter months. Unfortunately, 2020 has been a very difficult time for all of us during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even more so, for the parents of little ones having to worry about the perplexing amount of extra duties it has thrown onto them whether it be home schooling, keeping them safe, all the while trying to maintain a healthy social life for their babies & if that isn't enough! having to juggle all of their own never ending stresses that just keep on piling up with every day life. 

With the virus being airborne, most easily transmittable indoors and the amount of time we have spent cooped up inside. We should definitely be taking our loved ones out. This way they can get the much needed fresh air, and exercise their imaginations. While building up their autoimmune systems and strengthening their resistances to allergies in the cold brisk air which have surely taken a big hit during isolation. But, remember to dress them warm, protecting their little feet and bodies to ensure their immune system is strengthened, not compromised. Take a look through our Winter Collection. We have a collection of snowsuits made and filled with nothing but the best, including duck down filling to preserve your little one's body heat at just the right temperature. Coats, shoes, & head covers made with real or faux fur to protect their skin. Duck down and fur linings are the best when it comes to winter clothing, they are unmatchable when it comes to preserving one's heat and regulating their natural temperatures under any condition.


     Take a peak we have everything your baby's need to enjoy this winter to the fullest. Protecting them from the cold, no matter how light or harsh the weather. Oh! and with the Alure promise that they'll look the best in whatever they are doing! Stay warm, stay safe, and stay healthy. 

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