Blog #2 - Boys Winter Trends 2018 & We want your input!

Boys Fashion Winter 2018


Hey Alure Family!

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In our last entry, we focused primarily on girls fashion. So this time we're honing in on the boys. Without further ado, here are our top boy's clothes for this Winter 2018:

Jeans! And chinos have taken over the throne again. Don't get me wrong; there is always a place and time for sweats and athleisure wear. But, if you want your child to stand out and rock a fresh style, then jeans and chinos it is, cause the formal look is back, and it's coming in caliente!

"But! But! I want to be comfy! mommy/daddy", no problem! Lucky for you Jeggings are a thing. You can now get stretchy jean fabrics that look just like jeans but much more comfy. When you see Jeggings, they will look just like jeans but feature an elastic band or string on the waist.

"That's great and all... but that's more for casual situations". You are right. However, grab yourself some suspenders, and a dress shirt and your child will be looking like a stud.

Finally, last but not least; top off your boys' wardrobe this winter with a knitted sweater! The knitted sweater is the key. It will keep your child warm and cozy during the colder months. Plus, it goes soooo well with jeans, suspenders, or dress shirts. The knitted: pull-over or button-up to name a few, create layers of fashion, that as each layer unravel, it will be sure to wow just about everyone!


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