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Hello to all my dear Customers, and friends,

I get asked many questions about myself and Alure, that I think it is important to share with all of you. So, I thought to start this off with a little blog about myself and my journey thus far, as I have many people asking me questions about; where Alure Baby Collections is located and what my goals entail.


First off, I am Paula Alure, the founder, owner and operator of Alure Baby Collections For those of you who don't know about us; we are a one-stop shop for fashionable baby, toddler, and children clothes. You can visit our site at:

I am a proud mother of two big boys, they are my world, and I strive hard to show them that anything you want is possible and never out of reach. Thus, I work hard to mimic this in their young adult lives. I love what I do, am passionate about fashion, design, art and babies of all walks of life. I have decided to quit chasing what I don’t love and run after what I do. As life has hit me with many tribulations along the way and realized life is too short. I opened Alure Baby Collections, a year ago and have never had so much fulfilment and enjoyment.

Alure Baby Collections is proudly operated in North America. We do not have a physical store, but we have put much emphasis on making fashion for your baby(s) toddler(s), and children as accessible as possible. Arguably, more convenient than a physical store. We never know what the future holds, maybe one day we could open a physical store, but for now, it will continue to be an online boutique.

Since opening Alure Baby Collections, I have had many setbacks and challenges, to say the least, But I am dedicated, determined and want to succeed. I want to simplify the lives of family's looking to make their little ones dressing up in style. I work hard to achieve all of my goals and work even harder to make sure that the consumer (YOU) are content, love our service, and love our products as much as we do. I work tirelessly to be able to offer all our products at the best quality, uniqueness in style, for the lowest prices for you and your families to enjoy.

One of the first, most asked questions; many people ask us: Where are the products from? We work hard to listen to you, your needs and wants. To achieve what you want and what we vision Alure style to be; we work with suppliers that can fulfill and deliver best quality, uniqueness and for the lowest prices worldwide.


So, we get our products from suppliers around the world, we work with American products and services, Canadian, European and Eastern products as well. So, it depends on what you choose on our site that will determine where the goods are coming from.


Ultimately, most of our goods are coming from overseas, one way or another to keep the cost down and to maintain our unique vision and styles. Thus, is why there is a 12 to 20-day delivery time. However, we are working hard to change this for the future. Our goal is to have a port in each closer country to facilitate our delivery times; I am happy to announce however that we do have some products in our site now, that are available for a quick shipment 4-7 day turn around and working on achieving this goal to many more products that are coming your way soon.


Don't let this alter your opinion as we work countless hours to ensure that you get quality goods for the best price possible as we quality control all our products and work only with reputable suppliers to ensure that the products are safe for your loved ones and loved by both Alure, you and your families.

Now with this said; as a small business entrepreneur, we work endless amount of time and put forth tremendous efforts, to achieve all our commitments and promises to you, the consumer. Know that these commitments and obligations are what is most important to me, to have my customer fully satisfied with their purchases and with our customer service because we want you coming back; that's what makes all my hard work pay off at the end of the day.

Running a small business online is difficult, and at times, frustrating for me, as it is for you. "Trust" is the hardest to achieve, and I understand entirely too well. It is hard to trust something you cannot touch and feel, or believe in someone you have never met, feels not so personable! But this is the world we live in today. Therefore; it is crucial to me, to let you know that I am here for you. After all, it is you the consumer that makes small business lifeline work! Without you, it does not! It is imperative to me, and I am dedicated, committed for this to run as smoothly for you and me, as possible!

The end goal here is. I want Alure, to grow and become something I did right. So, I will work hard for your trust, fix what needs to be fixed and stay true to who I am, and at the end of the day, your happiness is what makes me happy, because, without you, it would not be possible😀

It's been a slice, I hope I answered all your questions and concerns, but if not, shoot me a message, and I will be happy to answer any more questions you may have for me. Catch you at the next blog. Alure Baby Collections, where we believe dressing up in style is imperative😀


Sincerely yours

Paula Alure

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